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1: Books, articles & book chapters

A: In English

Begikhani, N., Gill, A., & Hague, G., (2015). ‘Honour-Based Violence: Experiences and Counter-Strategies in Iraqi Kurdistan and the UK Kurdish Diaspora’. Ashgate

Hague, G., Begikhani, N., and Gill, A., (2013). ‘Honour’-based violence and Kurdish communities: Moving towards action and change in Iraqi Kurdistan and the UK”, Journal of Gender Studies. pp. 383-396.

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Honour: Crimes, Paradigms and Violence against Women
Begikhani N. (2005). “Honour-based violence: The case of Iraqi Kurdistan”. Welchman, L & Hussain, S. (eds.). London: Zed Books, pp. 209-229

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Begikhani, N., (November/ December 1996). ‘Divided Interests in Northern Iraq’. War Report, no. 47, Institute for War and Peace Reporting. London.

B : In French

Begikhani, N., (Summer 2011). ‘Crimes d'honneur chez les kurdes: Pratique et stratégie de mobilisation’. La Pensée. No. 367.

Begikhani, N., (Spring 2005). ‘Les femmes kurdes et l’identité nationale’. Passerelle. Paris.

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C: In Kurdish (Among others)

Begikhani, N., (1994- 1995). ‘Women in the ancient Orient: archaeological Studies of the Koran”, Rabun, nos. 12, 13, 15, Sweden.

Begikhani, N., (1997). ‘The image of Kurdish women in 19th century European literature.’. Gzing, no. 19, Sweden, 1997.

Begikhani, N., (Summer 2004). ‘Cultural dimensions of honour killing: the Kurdish case’. Sheen Journal, Erbil.

D : In German

Begikhani, N., (Munster 2000). ‘Das Bild der Kurdischen Frau in der Orientalistischen Literatur des neunzehnten jahrhunderts’. Kurdologie, Band 3. Germany)

Begikhani, N., (Spring 2004). ‘Between other and I: the place of the Kurds in Orientalist literature”. in edited conference papers Between imagination and denial: Kurds as subject and object of political and social processes, Free University of Berlin/ ASTA, in Sheen Magazine, Erbil.

2. Journalism (a selection):

Begikhani, N., (24 November 2014). 'Why the Kurdish Fight for Women's Rights Is Revolutionary'. Huffington Post.

Begikhani, N., (30 October 2014). 'Why ISIS's treatment of Yazidi women must be treated as genocide'. CNN

Begikhani, N., (10 ugust 2014). ‘Sexual violence as a war strategy in Iraq’. Your Middle East Journal.

Begikhani, N., (October 2012). ‘Women on the margin of higher education’. Le Monde Diplomatique. No29. Erbil.

Begikhani, N., (March 2011). ‘How to commemorate Anfal genocide in 2011’. Le Monde Diplomatique. No10. Erbil.

Begikhani, N., (February 2011). ‘Close to God, distanced from humanity: Reflection on political Islam’. Le Monde Diplomatique. No9. Erbil.

Begikhani, N., (May 2011). ‘Sex, money and power : On Strauss Khan’. Le Monde Diplomatique. Editorial. No12. Erbil. (Also available on Kurdish Feminist Tribune:

Begikhani, N., (April 2011). ‘I will kill you if you die: Film on honour-based violence’. Le Monde Diplomatique. Editorial. No11. Erbil. (Also available on Kurdish Feminist Tribune:

Begikhani, N., (7 August 2012). ‘The opposite of death is love: When family becomes a threat to girls’. Awene. no 388. Sulaymaiya.

Begikhani, N., (2011). ‘Gender equality: A step towards a multi-dimensional approach’. Kurdish Feminist Tribune (available on:

Begikhani, N., (2011). ‘An orientation toward sexual education in Kurdistan’. BasNews. Erbil. (Also available on Kurdish Feminist Tribune:

Begikhani, N., (October 2010). ‘Women between politics and religion’. Le Monde Diplomatique. No6. Erbil.

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Begikhani, N., (July 2005). ‘Terrorism is the product of social and political oppression’. Gulan Journal. Erbil. (Also available on:

Begikhani, N., (March 14, 2002). ‘Violence in the name of honour’. Aftonbladet (Swedish daily newspaper). Stockholm.

Begikhani, N., (2000), ‘No honour in murder”, special file on honour crimes inside the Kurdish communities. Monthly Peyam newspaper; n° 19, London.

3: Translation from English into Kurdish:

Begikhani, N., (2010) ‘Honour: Crimes, Paradigms and violence against women’. Welchman, L & Hussain, S. (eds). Erbil: Aras Publishers. Begikhani, N., & Ahmadzadeh, H., (2001

‘The Kurds and their others : Broken identity and fragmented politics’. Abbas Vali. Sweden: Rehend publishers. Begikhani, N., (1992 & 1993)

‘The Waste Land, Ash Wednesday, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrok’. Collection of T. S. Elliot’s poetry, Hiwa (1992) Paris. & Karwan (1992- 1993). Erbil.

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